President's Blog - 19 September 2014

At last the construction on the 2nd XV pitch has gone - gone to storage in Glasgow as I gather it's not been sold so we still wait to hear if we get anything to help repair the damage to our grounds.

We will start to sort the main damage on the 2nd XV pitch next week. A mixture of filling holes, removing ruts and turfing should have it in a fit state for training and for use by the Minis and BATs in a month. With the numbers of our senior players training and the numbers turning up for training/playing with the Minis and BATs, we need it as quickly as possible.

We have had a tough start to the season - a number of injuries to key players, Nyle (or James as they kept calling him on TV) Godsmark taken for the Scottish VIIs playing in the Fira competitions (Manchester last week and Bucharest this weekend) and on the wrong side of some big pros playing for our opposition. Last week Currie had three full internationals from Glasgow Warriors in their squad.

Nevertheless, we have improved over the last couple of weeks and are full of confidence for today's game against our nearest of rivals, Heriot’s, who have won two of their games so far.

This week all the BT Premiership games will be affected by the decision that Edinburgh and Glasgow should play each other next Monday in a back-up game. Consequently, no club will have pros on Saturday and most, if not all, EDPs have been pulled.

Some club players have also been summoned. Congratulations to Sam Pecqueur, who is on the bench for Edinburgh's back-up team, but he will still play for us on Saturday. There will be another five back-up games for each pro team this season, all affecting the Premiership.

This weekend we will have four teams out - the 1sts and 2nds against Heriot’s and the Development XV (against Jed 2nds) and the Whites both playing in Inverleith Park.

This season the Whites will play in the Reserve Friendly League, a league devised to try and ensure that we get games for all when clubs are struggling to get junior XVs out - partly through many fixtures being away from Edinburgh.

Each week three clubs will come together and play each other in 20 minute each way 'games' - so each club will get 80 minutes. If one club does not make it, or clubs arrive short, teams will be made up from available players to play 80 minutes. It is an interesting concept, with some logistical issues to be solved but well worth a go. I hope it works, because last year's league did not.

The 1st XV would very much welcome your support on Saturday, so if at all possible make an effort to be there, kick off is at 3pm. Please arrive early to avoid the queue at 2.50.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


Posted on Thursday, 11 September 2014 under Club News President's Blog