BATs’ Review 15 October 2015

This week sees the first of what we hope will be weekly updates from BATs, providing a flavour of what our development officers and modern apprentice are providing across north Edinburgh.

Schools’ Rugby

BATs run the school of rugby at Trinity Academy, with regular provision on a weekly basis. However, last week was also the second week for us delivering new curricular sessions at Broughton High School. This currently includes a double period of girls’ rugby and a double period of S1 boys’ rugby. We have already seen an increase in the number of girls participating and, dare we say it, enjoying themselves. The S1 group has been fantastic for a year that is heavily swayed towards football. Numbers have been surprisingly high and, after one week of coaching from our Modern Apprentice, Gregor Devine, and our Assistant Development Officer, Callum Black, they are now playing full contact games with structured attacks and defence. Their teacher who is pleasantly surprise by how well they are doing.

Iain Berthinussen (BATs Development Officer) had a successful week coaching Trinity Academy’s senior team to a significant victory over Musselburgh High, in a game that saw some fantastic running rugby in conditions that could only be described as abysmal. This didn’t stop the seniors from flooding through and scoring 50 points, leaving Musselburgh in their wake.

Active Schools’ Autumn Games

BATs were asked to take part in the Active Schools autumn games for the second year, running a touch rugby tournament for P7s from all the local primary schools in north Edinburgh. There was a great turn out for the games, with nine boys’ teams and six girls’ teams playing in separate tournaments. The morning was spent playing against each other and getting used to the rules, the referees and playing in their teams, in preparation for the competition in the afternoon. Trophies were up for grabs for the winning teams and special mentions for those who came second and third. We had some fantastic games and great results over the day, with teams from the schools where we regularly deliver coaching doing exceptionally well. Watch this space for a more detailed report on the Autumn Games.

BATs U16s V Glenrothes

On Sunday 11 October, the BATs U16s took on Glenrothes at Raeburn Place in the cup. The day was more than successful for BATs with an emphatic 90-5 win. There was lots of great free running rugby on display and the boys put into practice key skills that they have been working hard on during the weeks, both at their schools and when they attend our Wednesday night sessions up at the RAF hall. Nothing can take away from the boy’s great win on the weekend - a massive well done to all those involved and let’s keep up the good work!

BATs’ October Rugby Camp

This week it has been the October break, so we have been focusing on the BATs’ October camp, which was delivered between 10am and 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday. The camp is open to all those from P1 up. There were fun rugby-based activities for all those who attended, working on their all-round rugby ability with some quality coaches. We also used the available resources to run position-specific coaching, pinpointing areas for development and providing focused coaching.

For the younger ones, this was a great to meet children from different schools and get to know new people, as well as learning new styles and ways of playing and developing their fundamental rugby skills.

Posted on Thursday, 15 October 2015 under Club News BATs Mini Rugby