BATs’ Review 22 October 2015

Schools’ Rugby

Edinburgh city schools were on their half term break last week, so we also had a break with no schools’ coaching. However, we are now back up and running as of Wednesday this week (21 October). Gregor and Callum’s S1 group at Broughton High School will look to develop their rugby to the next step.

The BATs’ team has a few extra helpers this week in the form of some Trinity Academy Pupils who are doing work experience with us.

BATs’ Youth Section

The school holidays also meant there were no matches for BATs’ youth section. However, there was a good attendance at the Wednesday night session up at the RAF hall, where we spent a small amount of time working on individual conditioning, as well as some ball skills and basic hand eye co-ordination work. For those who attended we identified specific areas they feel they need to work on, letting the boys highlight their own personal areas of weakness and allowing the coaches to offer support to strengthen these.

BATs’ October Rugby Camp

Our time off from school rugby allowed us to deliver the BATs’ October camp, which was delivered between 10am and 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday last week. The camp was open to all those from P1 up. There was a great turnout of players for this time of year, with a good range of ages.

The P1s to P3s worked with a variety of different coaches, focusing on playing in space and evasion skills. The P4+ age groups P4+ also worked on their evasion skills, then moved on to defence, which included tackle techniques and understanding the roles and responsibilities in a defence line.

On the first afternoon we played a mixed-age groups touch tournament with 4 teams: Scotland, Wales, New Zealand and Australia. The New Zealand team romped to an emphatic victory – perhaps foreshadowing the outcome of the RWC? The second day we worked on attack-minded games, which teach an understanding of when and how to use offloads effectively and focus on passing pre- or post- contact.

Edinburgh Pathway Development

A few select U15s attended a two morning training camp with Edinburgh pathway development, where they received coaching on key areas that will hopefully help develop them for the end of the season when the next pathways program begins.

Children at the BATs' October Camp at Raeburn Place

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