Mini Rugby Coaching Contacts 2016/17

The mini rugby season starts on Sunday 14 August with coaching at Raeburn Place. Coaching will start at 10.30am and will finish at around 11.30am for P1–P3 and around 11:45pm for P4-P7.

At Accies, we start to coach tackling at P4 level.  This is in line with SRU guidelines. Tournaments are arranged for P3s upwards – please note, P3s will only participate in touch rugby.

Our P6 and P7 teams are amalgamated with our sister club, BATs, which puts out teams from P6 to U18, then feeds players into the associated senior clubs (Broughton, Accies and Trinity). Please see below for contact details.


P1: Jamie

P2: Dan Teague, 

P3: Craig Duff,

P4: Ewen Angus,

P5: Innes Miller,

P6: Chris Bamberry, David,

P7: Simon


BATs: Iain



If you are concerned about the weather and want to know if coaching is going ahead, you should contact the appropriate year group coach. A decision about whether to go ahead or cancel is usually made by 09.30 on Sunday mornings.