Thursday 4 December 2014

Accies Centre of Excellence - season update

We have now held three ACE sessions this season, with the most recent one taking place at the start of November at Raeburn Place with 26 players.

Neil Shanks from Scottish Institute of Sport and EAFC ran a 30 minute session on speed development. The players are really starting to buy into this part of the programme.

This was followed by a 30 minute session looking at individual skills for specific positions. The forwards worked with Michael Liness on all aspects of the lineout and the backs looked at kicking with Andrew Easson and Berti. All the players displayed some great technique and understanding.

The whole group then came together and we started to look at our defence and attack work through a game of Parramatta touch. The players' catching and passing skills are really developing with a high completion rate for the attack. Defensively the players are working positively as a team, rather than as individuals.

Further sessions will take place throughout the season and we expect to see continued development from the players.


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