Friday 12 April 2019

Changes to Coaching Squad for 2019/20 Season

Although there is still rugby being played, with the 7s season well underway, we are also making preparations for next season, with pre-season training only a few months away.

There will be a few changes to our coaching team for 2019/20, with both Derek O'Riordan and Mark Appleson stepping down from 1st XV coaching duties, due to a combination of work and family commitments and the extra time involved in coaching in the Premiership. Although this season has been a tough one, they were obviously both involved in our National 1 winning campaign, which was a great success for all involved. We would like to thank them both for their dedication to the Club over the past few seasons and wish them well. Mark will continue to assist Graham Bonner with our 7s coaching.

The remaining coaching team, under the leadership of our Director of Rugby, Bob Easson, will be joined by Chris Martin from Howe of Fife and Niall Lear, who has been coaching at Currie Chieftains this season.


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