Thursday 8 November 2018

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice

This Sunday, 11 November 2018, marks the 100th anniversary since the Armistice that finally brought the Great War to an end.

There are no words to adequately describe the sacfrice made by so many during the four years of that conflict. All we can do is honour the memories of those who paid the ultimate price of war. To that end, the Club will observe a minute silence before both our games at Raeburn Place next Saturday, 17 November.


Fallen Academicals
For a club with such a rich heritage, it is perhaps not surprising that (according to our research) more than 100 rugby-playing Academicals lost their lives in the Great War. The Edinburgh Academy as a whole lost 303 from over 1,000 former pupils who took part in the war.

Of the fallen rugby players, nine had won their Blues, six at Oxford and three at Cambridge. This is out of a total of 55 Blues who were killed. Four of these Blues were also Scotland internationalists, along with Ronald Simson, the first Home Nations cap to lose his life in the conflict. These lost Accies represented a sixth of the 30 players who had been capped for Scotland who gave their lives to the war effort. One further internationalist, James ‘Bungy’ Watson, who had been capped for England, was also an Academical.

In Remembrance 1914-1918
Ronald ‘Bunnie’ Forrester ADDIS, 1896-1916
John Malcolm AITKEN, 1899-1918
James Stanley ALLAN, 1890-1916
George Hely-Hutchison ALMOND, 1878-1918
Edward Darnley ANDERSON, 1890-1917
Francis ‘Frank’ ANDERSON, 1881-1917
Robert Ballantine ANDERSON, 1890-1917
Archibald ‘Archie’ Wilson ANGUS, 1897-1914
David MacLaren BAIN, 1891-1915 – Oxford Blue; Scotland
Charles Gordon BEATTIE, 1896-1918
William ‘Willie’ Macmillan BLACK, 1883-1914
Andrew Blyth McCulloch BOGLE, 1897-1916
James Donaldson BOSWALL, 1870-1915
Noel BRICKMAN, 1895-1916
James Macpherson Gordon BROWN, 1888-1915
Ian Gilmour CAMERON, 1897-1916
Robert Charles Cowburn CAMPBELL, 1889-1915 – Cambridge Blue
George Edward ‘Teddie’ Forman CAMPBELL, 1893-1915
Robert ‘Bobbie’ CARLYLE, 1892-1915
Harry CHEYNE, 1882-1917 – Oxford Blue
Frederick John ‘Jack’ CHRISTISON, 1894-1915
Richard CLARK, 1893-1916
Denis COTTERILL, 1881-1918
Robert Craig COWAN, 1894-1914
William Geoffrey Langley CULLEN, 1894-1915
Ronald Ogilvie Blair CUNYNGHAME, 1887-1915
Reginald Vaux CUTHBERT, 1880-1917
Alexander ‘Alec’ DEWAR, 1885-1914
Charles Kenelm DIGBY JONES, 1873-1918
Norman Ferguson DIXON, 1895-1917
Archibald ‘Archie’ Halliday DOUGLAS, 1895-1916
Ronald Gibson Stewart DURWARD, 1894-1918
George Douglas FERGUSON, DSO, 1890-1917
Stanley McEwan FERGUSON, 1897-1918
David Victor FOOT, 1897-1917
William St John FRASER, 1883-1915
Ian ‘John’ GALLETLY, 1869-1916
Allan GILMOUR, 1889-1917 – Oxford Blue
Reginald Glegg GORDON, DSO, 1878-1918
John Hamilton Thom GRAHAM, 1892-1916
Walter ‘Wattie’ HADDON, 1887-1915
William ‘Willie’ Harrison, 1896-1916
Thomas Anderson HERDMAN, 1897-1918
James ‘Govan’ Argyll HEWAT, 1897-1918
Robert Patrick HORSBURGH, 1860-1914
William Douglas Campbell HUTTON, 1899-1919
Thomas Christian KENNEDY, 1896-1915
Alexander Duncan ‘Campbell’ KING, 1886-1915
Alexander ‘Alick’ James Jopp LATTA, 1895-1916
Arthur Creswell LAWSON, 1896-1916
William ‘Willie’ LIDDLE, 1887-1918
James Bannerman ‘JB’ LORIMER, 1879-1917
Robert Charles LUNDIE, DSO, 1885-1917
Evan Ronald Horatio Keith MACDONALD, 1893-1914
John ‘Jack’ Doran MACDONALD, 1867-1916
Alastair Hunter MACFARLANE, 1894-1915
James McLAREN, 1895-1917
William ‘Willie’ Somerville McLAREN, 1898-1917
Robert MAULE, 1885-1915
Robert ‘Bobby’ Cowper King MILL, 1896-1916
Archibald William Buchanan MILLER, 1895-1917
Thomas Alexander Grant MILLER, 1893-1915
Henry ‘Buggy’ William Watson MILLER, 1896-1916
James Henry ‘Harry’ ‘Snowy’ MILLIGAN, 1886-1915
John ‘Jack’ Richard MILLIGAN, 1889-1916
William ‘Weary’ MILNE, MC, 1889-1917
James Thomson Rankin MITCHELL, DSO, 1888-1918
Archibald ‘Gifford’ MOIR, 1890-1915
Hugh MOSMAN, 1860-1916
John ‘Jack’ Wallace MUIR, 1899-1918
John Congreave MURRAY, 1882-1917
Thomas ‘Tommy’ Arthur NELSON, 1876-1917 – Oxford Blue; Scotland
Evelyn William Medows NORIE, 1862-1915
William ‘Graham’ NOTMAN, 1897-1916
William ‘Willie’ Paterson PATERSON, 1895-1916
William Guthrie PORTER, DSO, 1878-1917
Arthur Stanley ‘Touzie’ PRINGLE, 1877-1915 – Cambridge Blue
John PROSSER, 1889-1918
Thomas Arthur RITCHIE, 1896-1916
William ‘Willie’ Hugh ROBERTSON-DURHAM, 1889-1915
Frederick ‘Fred’ Borthwick SANDERSON, 1889-1916
Thomas SCOTT, MC, 1894-1917
John Eric SHENNAN, 1887-1918
Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Francis SIMSON, 1890-1914 - Scotland
Thomas ‘Ian’ Thomson SLOAN, 1897-1917
Robert Dennistoun ‘Dennis’ STEVENSON, 1896-1916
Charles ‘Charlie’ Edward STEWART, MC, 1887-1917
James Aitchison STEWART, 1890-1916
Stephen Sebastian Lombard STEYN, 1890-1917 – Oxford Blue; Scotland
Francis Geoffrey THATCHER, MC, 1890-1918
Arthur John Gordon THOMAS, 1895-1916
Alan ‘Graham’ THOMSON, 1892-1917
Francis ‘Frank’ Wishart THOMSON, 1891-1915 – Oxford Blue
Eric James ‘Jim’ THOMSON, 1893-1915
John Harvey THOMSON, 1898-1918
Kenneth Douglas THOMSON, 1886-1917
William Elliot TURNBULL, 1888-1915
Daniel Christopher ‘Kit’ VERESMITH, 1894-1917
William Middleton WALLACE, 1892-1915 – Cambridge Blue; Scotland
James Henry Digby ‘Bungy’ WATSON, 1890-1914 - England
Tom WELSH, MC, 1884-1917
William ‘Kenneth’ WHITE, 1893-1917
Robert Sym WILSON, 1876-1914
John George WOOD, MC, 1895-1917
Russell Elliot WOOD, 1885-1917
Alexander ‘Alec’ ‘Puppy’ WYLLIE, 1884-1917
James ‘Gifford’ YORSTON, 1896-1916
Norman Mitchell YOUNG, 1890-1915


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