Friday 31 May 2013

Raeburn Place Development - latest update

Second Consultation Period

Many thanks to everyone who wrote to the Council again, second time round, to support the application. It is possible to see the names of those who have submitted comments on the City of Edinburgh Council’s online planning portal. If you wrote in and have received an acknowledgement from the Council that your comments were material to the application, your name should appear on that list. However, if you commented during both consultation periods your comments will be taken together and so your name should only appear once.

If you commented during the more recent consultation and have still not received an acknowledgement from the Council, you should contact the case officer as a matter of urgency (, with a copy of your comments, and asking when you might expect to hear from her.

Myth versus fact

The Council has recently added some new documents to the portal and there have also been some articles and letters in the Edinburgh Evening News about opposition to the development. We thought this would be a good opportunity to address some of the issues raised.

  • The Council has confirmed that the information on traffic that was provided as part of the planning application is what is required and the Transport officials have sufficient information to write their report. At the request of a local ward councillor, the development team has been asked to carry out further traffic counts and parking surveys during the ATP Champions of Tennis tournament.
  • Most people coming to the new development will walk, use public transport or park a little away from the ground and then walk. Any increased traffic can be managed by means of a green travel plan.
  • The trees along Comely Bank Road are not being removed. The tree consultant’s report confirms that the removal of the wall will actually benefit the trees. The new building will be set further back than the current wall, giving the trees more root space and opening up the pavement along Comely Bank Road into a pleasant public space.
  • The threat of a massive supermarket is spurious, at best. There will be a maximum of nine commercial units, with no more than any two units being allowed to join together. At the very most, there may be a convenience store, but this will depend on the interest in the spaces when that time comes. Far from being a threat to the viability of Stockbridge, these new businesses, combined with everything else the ground will have to offer, will act as what Mary Portas refers to as ‘an anchor’ to draw more people to Stockbridge, increasing footfall and benefiting all local businesses.
  • The income from the development, which is being funded philanthropically, will go back into sport. It will be used to maintain the ground and facilities and support the clubs that are based at Raeburn Place, as well as supporting the excellent youth programme run by BATs. This is an investment in sport, youth development and the local community. It is not a profit-making exercise to line anyone’s pocket.

What next for the development?

There will be a site visit by members of the Council’s Planning Committee on 6 June, with the application currently set to be decided at a planning hearing on 31 July 2013. The planning department will submit a report recommending either approval or rejection of the scheme. Representatives of various statutory bodies and those who have made representations to the Council will be invited to speak to the full Planning Committee, as well as the development team.

Although the formal consultation period is over, you can still let councillors know of your support. Please click here to find out how you can help.

We will keep you updated but if you have any queries in the meantime, please contact


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