Monday 25 December 2017

Field of Giants!

Over the last 160 years more than 120 Club players - all who have graced the very pitch we still use today - have represented their countries and/or been influential in the development and administion of rugby football throughout the world.

Ex-Accies players were involved in; setting down the first early ‘Laws of Football’ as used in Scotland, the organisation of the first international (played at Raeburn Place in 1871), the formation of SFU (now SRU), the RFU, the formation of IRB (now WR), with early rugby in India (and the manifestation of the Calcutta Cup, first played for at RP in 1879), with early rugby in Argentina and various other countries.

Thirteen B&I Lions, numerous Barbarians, 120+ internationalists and great administrators make up our Giants of the Game - amongst those influential Accies are; Francis and Alexander 'Joe' Crombie, R Balfour, Francis Moncrief, Alexander Robertson, GT and John Chiene, Harry Chyne, James Wallace, Benjamine Burns, James Finlay, L Balfour-Melville, William ‘Bill' & GC Maclagan, R ‘Bulldog’ Irvine, JA Gardner, JHA Macdonald (Lord Kingsburgh), Charles ‘Hippo’ Reid, ‘Saxon’ McEwan, Harry Stevenson, Oswald St J Gebbie, JA Russell-Cargill, GPS MacPherson, ‘Mac’ Henderson, Douglas Elliot, Rodger Arneill, Rob Wainwright, Scott Murray, David Sole and Mike Blair. Giants of our Game indeed!

Take your chance to be at RP on Boxing Day - 160 years to the day that the first game against an Edinburgh University XXV (XXX on the final day of the match!) started.

Join us in remembering and celebrating all that has taken place at the home of Edinburgh Accies and the Giants who have played at Raeburn Place.

The bar opens at 12.00, Accies v Crusaders ko 2.00 - don’t miss a once in 160 year opportunity to walk the Field of Giants on this historic day.


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