Saturday 3 December 2016

Jeannette Park, 1941-2016

The Club was saddened to hear that Jeannette Park passed away earlier this week, following a short illness.

Jeannette and her partner, Mick Judge, were Stewardess and Clubmaster at Raeburn Place for much of the 1980s, when membership numbers reached peak levels and the clubhouse, bars and upgraded social facilities were open six days a week.

During these times Jeannette tirelessly worked behind the scenes, always with great humour and successfully covering any areas that Mick may just have overlooked!

Jeanette and Mick were a pleasure to spend time with and many will have lasting and happy memories of their time at the Club - before they left to join Barney at the Stockbridge Bar, where they continued to provide their humour and service in equal measure.

Jeanette’s part in the revival of the Club in the 80s is well documented in the Club’s 150 year book.

The funeral service will be at Warriston Crematorium, Lorimer Chapel, on Monday 5 December at 11.00. All who knew Jeanette are welcome to attend.


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