Wednesday 11 December 2019

Match Summary Prem 11: Accies v Musselburgh

Accies 1st XV 28-28 Musselburgh 1st XV
Although better than the fortnight before against Aberdeen, the weather was again a determining factor in the nature of the game, making it a very different affair to our two previous encounters with Musselburgh this season. The ground was heavy, the ball slippy and it showed, although there were some decent breaks and runs, not least the one that bagged us our first try.

We scored first but Musselburgh matched us try for try and we just couldn't maintain a winning margin, with Musselburgh keeping up the attack right to the end, when they were awarded a penalty. Their kicker, who had been on target all afternoon, slipped and missed, letting us away with the draw and three much-needed league points.

You can read a full match report in The Offside Line.

Our Jacoby Rugs Man of the Match was Robert Wilson, who was playing at fullback on Saturday. Robert is kindly sponsored by Waverley Management Consultants.

Jamie Sole - Dropkick Murphy's
Cameron Bain - IMET Alloys
Mark Sinclair - Purdie & Co
Richard Mill (3) - Graham + Sibbald

The 2nd XV played a friendly against Musselburgh, as we did not have a front row and so conceded the league fixture, and the 3rd XV did not have a game scheduled. All three teams should be back in action this coming weekend.

Onwards & upwards!


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