Wednesday 9 October 2019

Match Summary Prem 5: Currie v Accies

Results, Saturday 5 October
1st XV 12-31 Currie
2nd XV 28-0 Currie

1st XV 12-31 Currie 1st XV

Another tough day at the office on Saturday - not helped by the weather or missing 29 players due to injury or unavailability - although the final scoreline did flatter Currie slightly in that it did not accurately reflect our work rate in defence. Unfortuantely, though, we struggled to play much of the game in Currie's half or to get much ball, and a yellow card in the second half did not help either.

Our Jacoby Rugs Man of the Match for the second week running was Club Captain, Jamie Sole. Jamie is kindly sponsored by Dropkick Murphy's.

Clement Lacour
Jacob Adamson
Jamie Loomes (The Desson Family)

For a full match report, please visit The Offside Line.

2nd XV 28-0 Currie 2nd XV
Currie could not field a front row so were forced to concede the league fixture, hence our 28-0 score, and give league points. However, they were able to offer us a friendly instead, so at least the boys got a run out. The 2nd XV Man of the Match was Charles Suart. Charles is kindly sponsored by Sandy Burnett.


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