Thursday 1 August 2013

Council approves development plans

At a hearing of the Council's Development Sub-committee on 31 July, the planning applications to develop Raeburn Place were passed by councillors.

After three hours of presentations, questions and debate, the members of the committee voted on the plans and agreed to approve them by 10 to 2.

This is a significant step towards the new facilities at Raeburn Place and could not have been achieved without the robust and widespread support of club members. Thank you for all your help in bringing this about.

So what happens now?

  • Legal agreements will entered into with the Academical Club and with the Council.
  • Internal layouts will be drawn in detail to allow us to apply for building warrants.
  • Once building warrants have been obtained, we will go out to tender to appoint a contractor.

This process will take at least a year, with us hoping to start on site sometime in the autumn of 2014, all being well.


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