Thursday 30 April 2015

President's Blog - 30 April 2015

As I write this it is 30 April, the day, up until a few years ago, that was the final day on which you could play rugby in that season. How times have changed, with various leagues in the UK continuing well into May and play-offs going on towards early June. Is that an improvement?

At last we have some good news in that we have the Agreement to Lease from the Academical Club. It’s been a long and difficult time for Frank and his team, but that means we now have the three key components - planning, charitable status and the lease - in place, so now fundraising for the project can start in earnest. Well done to all the team.

The Raeburn Place Foundation website was launched this week, clearly stating the Foundation's charitable aims and well worth a visit

Our team at the Licensing Board hearing for the licences for the developed Raeburn Place had to sit through four hours of other applications before ours was called, then three and a half hours of presentations for our applications. The Licencing Board then decided on a continuation in order to have a site visit. This means our applications will be heard at the next Board following the site visit. At least the election will be out of the way by then.

Last weekend’s 7s were a bit up and down. The down was losing heavily to Kelso in the first round at Langholm - a long way to go for 14 minutes of rugby.

At Peebles on the Sunday we had a better run, beating Jed-forest 26-12 in the first round and Melrose 17-5 in the quarterfinal. Then we disappointingly ran out of steam and lost to Watsonians 36-5 in the semi-final.

This week we move on to the Kelso on Saturday and Earlston on Sunday. At Kelso we play Langholm in the fourth game, kick off 2.22pm. At Earlston we play Selkirk in the second game of the day, kick off 1.18pm.

Let’s hope for a better performance from the sevens teams this week.



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