Friday 14 December 2018

Remembering Richard 'Bumpy' Porter

Following the game last Saturday, 8 December, many of our Has-beens congregated at Richard 'Bumpy' Porter's bench in Inverleith Park to drink a toast in his memory.

It was seven years ago this month that we heard the tragic news of Bumpy's death at the young age of 45. He was a talented all-round sportsman but it was at rugby he excelled and he joined Accies to test himself at a higher level.

He quickly settled in to the 1990s 1st XV, which was brimming with current and future Scottish internationals, District and Scotland Age Group players, and he did not look out of place, bringing a new dimension to our back line - genuine pace! Bumpy rapidly made a name for himself and went on to represent Glasgow District.

He is fondly remembered by our Has-beens, not only for being a great guy, but for the many fine tries he scored against the top players in Scotland and also for his 'dodgy hamstrings'.


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