Sunday 14 November 2010

Simon Cross on Selkirk Game.

Simon Cross gives his view of the good Accies win against Selkirk on Saturday to T'owd Tin Pot.

T'oTP - Simon, well done on the win over Selkirk, what were your initial thoughts on the game?

SC - If you had offered me a four try, bonus point win before the game I would have bitten your hand off. Credit to the players for playing well enough to achieve that against a very game Selkirk team. Having said that, the final whistle left me happy with the result, but wanting more from the performance.

T'oTP - Can you elaborate on that?

SC - Well, we did enough to win the game, but had we taken all of our chances and built on a very slick first half, the game should have been over much sooner.

T'oTP - What did Selkirk bring that we have not seen in the 11 P2 games we played?

SC - Selkirk brought aggression and strength to the close quarter encounters, more so than we had faced in previous weeks. It was pleasing therefore to see the forwards step up to the plate with two driving lineout scores and some excellent ruck defence. Dan Teague led his team superbly and deserved his Man of the Match accolade.

To'TP - I might be mistaken but did I not see Dan trying some new skill this week?

SC - Yes, and I hope we've seen the last of his kicking boots!

T'oTP - I thought the forwards were a very a very solid platform up front, and the backs used the possession well, was that you view?

SC - The Backs did use possession well, causing Selkirk some problems in the wider channels. The focus in training for our attack was geared towards getting to three phases. Nothing flash, just doing the simple things well. The first half effort showed how effective we can be when we do the simple things well. Ross Browne epitomised this with his performance, all the more remarkable bearing in mind he only found out he was playing at 9am!

T'oTP - Lots of players stood up and were counted in the game, any outstanding for you?

SC - We aren't a team of stars or individual genius and I wouldn't want us to be. We showed against Selkirk what it is to be a team. Nobody really stood out from the crowd, but we had 15 Accies on the pitch understanding their specific roles, and doing their jobs. That's what teamwork is all about, it's as simple as that..

T'oTP - What are ytou taking away to work on?

SC - Moving forward, we need to improve our understanding of Referee's interpretations and give away less penalties. Against quality teams, we must take our opportunities when they are presented to us and finish them with scores. We need to keep working at manipulating the opposition Back 3 and kick more effectively. All easily solvable problems, but key to success at this level.

T'oTP - Thanks for that Simon.


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