Tuesday 16 March 2021

The Accies College Cup (Race 4) – The Beuks are going to Europe!

EMAIL; Afternoon Gents,

As we now know the Accies v London Scottish game weekend is the 18/19/22th October. We should probably think about organising this assault on the big smoke.

The Accies Buffties ‘Cobra tours’ are already booked up on the train down Friday morning and back Sunday staying at the Premier Inn in Richmond.

Before we open this out to the usual tourists and no doubt some other Accies supporters we need to discuss battle plans…

What are everyone’s thoughts on this? IN, IN, IN, IN, IN…etc

In the build up to the match a record number of “work meetings” were scheduled in London for the Friday.  Our Man on the ground in London booked a 20-person Private Room in the Orange Tree Pub for lunch, Uncle Squawker secured discounted match tickets for £7.  What could possibly go wrong…

Game day! The Players were up early petting Ponies in the park for a Scottish Rugby Tv exclusive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzdF52I6bSY, whilst the touring party dusted themselves off from the previous night, ready for a serious day out.

On arrival at the Orange Tree at 1115, the bar staff informed us that we would not be getting a private room but eating in the main bar area.  We asked them to reconsider but to no avail.  Within 20 minutes the number of Accies in the bar doubled, it doubled again and again in the next half hour. The R number for Accies in Richmond was around 10.  Word had spread across the Accie community that the Orange Tree was the de facto Ben Tod Lounge for the weekend.

After several hours singing and Lager rations being implemented by bar staff, the Blue and White army marched on to the Athletic Ground to watch what would surely be a famous victory.

As kick off approached, ”Allez Les Beuks” rang out along the terraces of the Athletic Ground. The tweed clad Accies Ultras had arrived.  Some of the London Scottish players, particularly those who had previously played at Goldenacre looked nervous, they had witnessed the influence of the Ultras in Hong Kong some 5 months early on the Lions tour.  Sadly, those nerves seemed to spur them on.  With Accies supporters dominating the home support on the terrace the team on the pitch found it hard going against a big, seasoned professional, English Championship side.

After 36 minutes with the Accies 24-3 down some inspiration was needed.  Up stepped Ruairidh Bonner – A shortened line out in front of the Accies Ultras on the left hand side thrown to the middle, off the top, a flat ball to Bonner at 10 with runners outside he swerved the No.8 to put him on his backside, stepped round the covering 9, hitch-kicked out the diving Winger’s tackle, palmed off the hooker and slid over for the try.  HAVE IT! The Ultras were re-energised, the comeback was on!

Or was it.  The Second half started much like the first with the huge London Scottish pack dominating.  Having fallen further behind, Accies would not give up.  A line out in their own 22 and a lung-busting passage of play that lasted 2 minutes 14 seconds with the ball in hand going side to side up the pitch, Alex Allan finally took and inside ball off Ruairidh Bonner to crash over the line.  We can still win this!

Or maybe not.  As the game tired, the dominance of the home pack continued, and they ground out a couple more scores but Accies would not lie down. Replacement Front Row, Shaun Strudwick picked a tight line off Jamie Farndale to scorch over from 35 metres and send the Accies Ultras wild with jubilation two minutes from time.

It wasn’t last try wins but it felt like it. Final score London Scottish 55 - 19 Edinburgh Accies

The London Scottish hospitality was superb, and the Ultras were extremely well looked after, rumour has it they still talk about the time that Accies came to town. 

As the clubhouse began to empty, the Accies dispersed up the Richmond High Street. More singing and good-natured high jinks went on well into the night.  Unfortunately, someone made a Pig’s Ear of things which led to some of the touring party being forced into alternative accommodation.  Due to the mix up and on account of their impeccable manners no charge was made for the stay.  It was a bleak trip back north but totally worth it.    

Looking back on that trip, what a day out.  It’s fun going away to watch Scotland or the Lions but nothing beats watching the Accies on tour.  The other thing that strikes me is the team we put out that day!  How did we get pumped?  There are some seriously good rugby players in that team and it’s great to see them still around the club even though quite a few have gone onto bigger and better things.

The Countdown to the new Clubbie is on!

Allez Les Beuks!

Jamie Sole, Nyle Godsmark, Iain Berthinussen, Chris Dean, Jamie Farndale, Ruairidh Bonner, Alex Black, Alex Allan, Michael Liness, Phil Cringle, Greg Campbell, Jamie McCarthy, Robin Snape, Hamish Watson, Callum Reid.

Replacements: Shaun Strudwick, Duncan Morrison, Alex Toolis, Tom Stuart, Mike Campbell, Stuart Evans and Sam Pecqueur.


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