Friday 29 October 2010

What are the odds?

Winning the National Lottery is, as most will know not likely to happen. Matching 6 balls out of 49 requires a lot of luck, with odds of about 1 in 14 million. To win £1000 you would have to match at least 5 balls out of 49. The odds of that are better, but still not great. 1 in 54,200 (approx).

The EAFC Super-6 Lotto, however, is a different story. With nobody winning the draw last night, the prize fund this week goes up to £1000. To win it you need to match 6 balls from 16. The odds of that? Only 1 in 8000.

Simple stuff really, so get your tickets fast. Ask any club player or coach, or email Tickets will also be on sale in the clubhouse on Saturday, before, during and after the Stew-Mel game.

Good luck!


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