The Development

Raeburn Place has been a sports ground since 1854, but maintaining the status quo is no longer an option for either the facilities or the sports clubs based there.

Sporting provision has entered a new era and what needs to be addressed is how the facilities can be redeveloped to sustain, maintain, enhance and grow the sport played at Raeburn Place. This in turn will enhance the benefits the clubs are able to provide through sport across north Edinburgh, particularly for junior and youth age groups.

Raeburn Place urgently needs:

  • Modern, 21st century training and playing facilities to enable and encourage people of all ages and ability to take part in sport.
  • Supporter and spectator facilities to help encourage people of all ages to become involved in sport at all levels.
  • The economic ability to fund and sustain the costs of providing and maintaining proper sporting facilities and their administration in the modern era.

The ground and clubs at Raeburn Place are recognised as being culturally and socially significant on a national basis and their historical importance is recognised internationally. The development plans recognise these accolades with the inclusion of an interpretive and educational museum.

Whilst the principal aim of including a retail and commercial element within the development is to provide economic support for the clubs and sport at Raeburn Place, these units are also an opportunity to enhance and strengthen the viability and vitality of Stockbridge.




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