How You Can Help

How You Can Help

We now expect the planners’ report to be submitted to the Planning Committee on 31 July. At that point, it is likely the matter will be decided at a hearing of the Planning Committee rather than the Development Sub-Committee alone. This is one of the areas where you can help.

1) City of Edinburgh Council:

It is still important to make sure councillors across the city are aware of support for the development. If you could write to or, better yet, go and see your local councillors, especially if any of them are members of the Development Sub-committee, that would be immensely helpful. Contact details for ward councillors can be found here and details of the members of the planning committee can be found here.

It doesn’t matter which ward you live in, or whether or not you submitted comments on the application, PLEASE WRITE so councillors keep receiving the message that there IS widespread support for the redevelopment.

If you could also go and see your councillors in person at one of their surgeries, that would be a fantastic help. If all the councillors are to vote on the development it is crucial that they have heard about the benefits of the scheme from the people who support it.

2) MSPs:

Given the sports focus of the proposed development and the level of interest it has generated, it is not surprising that local MSPs are following the application’s progress. It is therefore worthwhile copying any letters of support you send to councillors to the relevant MSPs. Contact details for local MSPs and also the Health and Sports Committee can be found here.


Please continue to help us get our message across to the people who will be deciding the future of Raeburn Place, especially your local councillors. If they are bombarded solely with messages from those who are against the development, they may think public opinion is against the development and so vote to reject the plans. With your help, we can show there is support across Edinburgh for what we are proposing.

If you do not live in Edinburgh but would still like to support the project, please write to the councillors who are on the Planning Committee and copy your correspondence to the relevant MSPs. Support from further afield will help to illustrate the wider significance of Raeburn Place.

Thank you for your continued support.


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