The Professional Era

It is clear there is excellent sports provision at Raeburn Place, within the constraints imposed by the minimal facilities. This urgently needs to be rectified in line with the physical and policy requirements of sport in the 21st century.

As sport continues to evolve, so does the nature of the facilities required. Since rugby became a professional sport in 1995 there has been a continuing drive to improve standards both on and off the pitch. It is recognised that Raeburn Place lags far behind in the provision of top quality modern sports facilities.

Before embarking on new proposals for Raeburn Place, a detailed review, including visits and discussion with senior management, was undertaken with a number rugby clubs in England. These clubs ranged from the English Premiership (level 1 below the national team) through Championship (level 2) and National 1 (level 3) leagues.


This review was carried out in November/December 2011, prior to the release of the strategic plan from Scottish Rugby, the national governing body of rugby in Scotland. This plan, 'Inspiring Scotland through rugby: the journey to 2016', was issued to all member clubs in June 2012. The proposals set out for the development of Raeburn Place are fully compatible with the aims and aspirations of Scottish Rugby's Strategic Plan.

The review highlighted that comparison with the facilities and expectations of clubs south of the border is not flattering for any Scottish club.

Scotland and England - a comparison


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