Mini Rugby


Interested in rugby? Whether you already play or you want to try something new, Accies Minis welcomes all young players from P1 to P7 to join them, so come along and join us.

If you are in S1 upwards, please click here to read about BATs youth rugby.

Useful information

Accies minis train, play matches and attend tournaments on Sunday mornings. Training starts at 10:30 and matches and tournaments tend to be around then, but can be later. Year group coaches will always provide information on start times for you.

Matches and tournaments tend to be restricted to the P3-P7 age groups, although there are some tournament opportunities for P2s.

We do not start tackling until P4.

Joining Accies Minis costs £100 per child for the season.

All weather outdoor facilities available during the key winter months.


Accies Minis season starts with training in August 2020.

Parents' Welcome Pack


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