Minis Kit

What to bring

Please ensure that children arrive with appropriate clothes to keep warm and dry. We encourage a long sleeve top or thermal under a rugby shirt due to the weather in winter. Please also bring along a small plastic bottle of water, as training can be thirsty work. Hydration is a very important habit to get into. In addition to the above, when playing at tournaments, please bring along a spare change of clothes and a towel – just in case!


  • Rugby or football boots and socks.
  • Shorts.
  • Rugby top, with long-sleeved T-shirt under in cold weather. 
  • Gum shields – it is compulsory that these are worn by all children from P4 upwards. All others may do so at their own/parents’ discretion.

The current Accies Minis' kit is available to purchase as a complete set from First XV on Haymarket Terrace or online at  Click on hte images to the images on the right to purchase. 

Children representing the Club in tournaments and fixtures are required to wear the full club kit.  We also encourage children to wear the club kit at training. 



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