Golden Oldies/Veterans

Golden Oldies/Veterans Rugby

At the end of April 2018 the Club took its first tentative steps towards establishing a Golden Oldies, or veterans, team.

Golden Oldies rugby is a fun and social version of the game, tailored for those who thought they had hung up their boots but who miss the exercise and camaraderie of the sport.

It is open to anyone 35+ who can still jog and hold a rugby ball. Contact and tackling are dependant on age, with different coloured shorts being worn to show which category you fall into. It is full 15-a-side rugby and the matches are refereed, but game time is shorter and there are unlimited substitutions, so everyone gets a game.


This is not a hard-hitting, aggressive game - the ethos is all about fun, friendship and staying active.

Since its inception, the squad has played several matches, including a great game against visiting French side, XV de l'Art'Rose - read more here.

For more information about getting involved, please email our Director of Rugby, Bob Easson.


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