Accies' Centre of Excellence (ACE)

The sole objective of ACE is the individual development of players through rugby specific conditioning, speed development and individual skill development, as well as linking to Scottish Rugby’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) programme. ACE will act as a pathway for more players to become involved in the Edinburgh Age Grade regional programme and as a stepping-stone to the ACE Academy, which launched on 28 October 2015.

ACE is for selected players from BATs S1s/S2s/U15s/U16s/U18s and from schools in north Edinburgh with existing links through BATs’ youth work.

It is also recognised that there is a reduction in the numbers of volunteers in the two key areas necessary for ensuring that our game develops and takes place to the standards required: coaching and refereeing. ACE will also focus on coaches looking to start or develop their skills from the group of clubs or schools in our north Edinburgh community and, evenutally, referees as well.

The overall programme will add another dimension to all the current work that is delivered by BATs and Accies to young players in the north Edinburgh clubs, schools and colleges, ensuring the next generation of players, referees and coaches entering senior rugby have the skills, knowledge and fitness to take our game forward.


ACE Mission Statement

The Accies Centre of Excellance should be the cornerstone of our player development program and contribute to the future success of Scottish rugby by providing young players, coaches and referees with an environment in which they can grow, express themselves and realise their dream of becoming better at their chosen part of the rugby family.

At ACE, we value attitude, commitment, integrity, and honesty as highly as we do rugby ability.


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